Coventry Catholic Deanery have a mobile App

Coventry Catholic Deanery have a mobile App available for download!!. Its free to download and is compatible with Android and Apple devices. You can find it on the Google Play Store link and on the App Store link .

In addition it can push alerts eg newsletters available, events up and coming, news etc. It also has a geo fence feature so when you get near a church it will display the parish name with additional information as required. The following screen shot shows the App home screen:

Canon Tom Farrell, Dean of Coventry, writes “Coventry Deanery welcomes the introduction of the Deanery App for mobile devices. More and more people are using apps for information, it is a much quicker source of information and the App ideal for mobile devices . The app allows people to access lots of useful information about the deanery and also a feature called geofencing which lets you know what parish you are in at a particular time and updates that information as you change location. Young people are so used to apps this will be an easy way for them find out more about their local Catholic community.  The Deanery is home to two large universities, Warwick University and Coventry University with combined student numbers of 50,000.The app will allow them to access chaplaincy resources as well as information about local parishes where there is lots of student housing. If is well received it could be rolled out to other deaneries and the diocese ”

The App uses content also available on the Coventry Deanery website