Photographs from the Induction Mass of Father Pontius Bandua AJ Parish Priest of St Osburgs’ 22nd February 2018


Coventry Winter Night Shelter  December 2017


Cardinal Newman Christmas Mass 21st December 2017


Blessing Coventry Crib 3rd December 2017


Turning red for Faith and Freedom #RedWednesday  22nd November  2017


Mass for deceased Clergy of Coventry  14th November  2017


Fr Andrew Franklin Induction  3rd November  2017


St Patrick’s memorial Garden  29th October  2017 link


Ecumenical Service to Commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation  29th October  2017 link


Fr Andrew Franklin Induction  3rd November  2017


Fr Andrew Franklin Presentation at CTK 29th October  2017


Harvington Hall Pilgrimage 3rd September 2017


Jubilee Celebrations Holy Family 15th July 2017


Priestly Celebrations  Friday 30th June 2017



Coventry Deanery Vocations Mass  Thursday 25th May 2017


Archbishop Bernard preaching at Coventry Cathedral.  Thursday 25th May 2017


Easter Monday 17th April 2017


The Rite of Election at St Chad’s Birmingham 5th March 2017


Mass for deceased Clergy of the Coventry Deanery – 8th November 2016


St Elizabeth’s triple celebration – 25th September 2016


Mass for St Osburg – 11th September 2016


1000 Years of Coventry Heritage – 9th September 2016