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In the 17th and 18th centuries Coventry was notable as a centre of protestant dissent and it was not until the mid 19th century that there was any marked revival of Roman Catholicism there. However, the Catholic element seems never to have been entirely obliterated. During the 1550s, in spite of the prevailing anti-Catholic temper of the city, the presence of a few individual Catholics can be traced………..

Q: “Where coud you have attended Mass in Coventry between 1775 and 1806?”
A: The “Mass House” at numbers 74  & 75 Little Park Street

Timeline of Catholic Parish’s


Catholic Faith in Coventry (pdf)

St Osburg’s
History of Church of the Most Holy Sacrament and St Osburg 1845-2009 history-180409
History of St Osburg’s 1845-1945  Scanned copy. A Centenary memorial of St Osburg’s Coventry 1845-1945 by DOM Sebastian Simpson O.S.B  history-sep-07

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2010-2011 Restoration of St Osburgs link

2011 Re-opening of the Church after refurbishment link Photos link